Top companies hiring criminals updated for 2020 - Felon Jobs Now (2023)

Finding a job can be difficult. Even in an increasingly strong job market, there is still a lot of competition. This challenge becomes more complex when you are a criminal.

While there are companies that hire criminals, there is still a lot of stigma attached to it. It is estimated that up to half of the released convicts do not find employment.

That's a steep number. This is all the more true as at any given time nearly 7 million are in prison, jail or on probation.

Many employers tend to prefer someone with no criminal record to a criminal. You want employees who are honest and good at interacting with customers. A conviction for a crime creates the opposite impression.

Top companies hiring criminals updated for 2020 - Felon Jobs Now (1)

Not to mention that some crimes are of greater concern to employers. People convicted of robbery and violent crimes should be viewed with more caution.

The search for decent housing is also a problem for criminals. Like many employers, landlords are less inclined to rent to criminals.

These processes often bring ex-convicts back to the old friends and behaviors that previously got them into trouble. The recidivism rates are quite high. About half of released convicts are arrested within a year of their release.

Finding employment is key to keeping them out of trouble. With a decent income, they can better provide for themselves and their families. There is a sense of hope for your future and you are busy doing something worthwhile.

Fortunately, there is a growing trend for companies and their human resources departments to hire criminals. Some of the companies have sprawling headquarters or campuses with high demand for service staff. These become ideal employment opportunities for criminals.

Before we discuss the specific companies that criminals hire, let's look at how to join these companies.

How do you get a job with a criminal

To get hired by corporations, criminals have to work harder than non-criminals. Here are some helpful tips that should improve your chances of success in your job search.

1. Widespread

To increase your chances of getting a job, you need to increase the odds. Do this by applying for as many positions as you think you qualify for.

The more requests you submit; more job interviews you are likely to get. Ultimately, it increases the chances of getting a job offer.

Since many companies have careers sites or use recruiting companies, finding job opportunities should be easy.

2. Be reasonable

We would all like to get a job with a three-figure salary, but that's not always possible. Look for jobs where you have a reasonable chance of getting them.

Review the responsibilities and requirements for the position. If you think you would be a good match, please apply.

Try to focus on criminal jobs and businesses. We'll talk more about that later.

3. Prepare properly

If you are called for an interview, be prepared. Ask a family member or friend who works to help you prepare. Practice your conversational skills and body language.

Invest in decent formal wear. Dressing formally is important, even when interviewing for a blue-collar job. Show respect and understanding of office etiquette.

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4. Be honest

It is very likely that they will ask you about your criminal record. If it comes up, be honest. Many companies still conduct background checks, and lying can disqualify you from applying for the job.

Keep your explanation simple and take responsibility for your actions. Focus on how willing you are to make a change and what else you've done to improve.

Companies that hire criminals

Many large companies have embraced the idea of ​​hiring criminals. Many have even adopted fair hiring practices that do not discriminate against criminals.

They also support ban box initiatives that require the removal of criminal history questions from job applications.

By identifying these crime-friendly companies, we give ex-offenders a better chance of finding employment. They can focus their efforts on places that are already hiring criminals. They will know that they have just as good a chance as someone without registering.

Please note that this list is still evolving. More companies are joining the bandwagon, which means more opportunities.

Also remember that just because criminals are hired by corporations is not a sure thing. There are multiple applications for each job posting. So try to apply the tips above to improve your chances.

Here's a complete list of some of the biggest companies that are open to hiring criminals.

Top 100 companies that hire criminals


2.MC Donalds


4.salvation army


6.The ceiling


8. General Electric

9.Ross dress for less


11. British Airways


13. Apple

14. Exxon-Mobil

15.Crime Crime

16. Company

17. IBM

18 Sony

19. Google




23Sonic Drive-in

24. Marshalls

25. Albertsons

26. AT&T

27. Blue Bell-Eis

28Frank Tyson

29. Chick-fil-a

30money tree

31. Dr. Pepper

32. Dunkin-Donuts

33. Federal Express

34. Frito-Lay

35.Jiffy Lube

36. Surprise box

37. Pepsi

38. SPCA

39. Sears

40waste management

41. Sams Club

42. Southwest Airlines

43. AAMCO transmission and car care

44. Alamo rental car

45. American Airlines

46. ​​Allstate Insurance

47. Andersen Windows


49. IHOP

50. Dennys

51. Avis Car Rental

52. Baskin Robbins

53. Bed bath and more

54. Best Western

55. Brückenstein

56.rental car budget

57. Wild Buffalo Wings

58. Campbell's Soup Company

59. Olive Garden

60. Carls Jr.

61. Smart Pets

62. Raupe Inc.

63. Chile

64. Mexican Grilled Chipotle

65. Ribbons

66. Coca Cola

67. Komcast

68.Comfort Inn & Suites

69. Kronplatz

70. Milk Queen

71. Lyft

72.Delta Airlines

73. Dillards

74. Dole Foods

75.general dollar

76. Car rental in dollars

77. Carrera

78. AMC Kinos

79. Suites campest

80.choose hotels

81. Trader Joes

82. United Airlines

83. About

84. Steak und Shake

85. Hotels DoubleTree

86. Dow Marks

87.Eddie Baur

88. Embassy Suite

89. Firestone tires and rubber

90. Automatic Zone

91. Residence-Inn

92.general mills

93. Golden pen

94. Goodyear tires

95. Greyhound

96. Feriengasthaus deposit

98. K-Mart

99. Bass

100. Walgreens

The next step should be to look at the available jobs. As previously mentioned, you should choose positions that match your skills and experience.

Let's see which specific jobs are best for criminals and why.

Jobs that criminals hire

There are several industries that lend themselves to hiring criminals. We have already mentioned the growing needs of the service sector. Here we see the most attractive sectors for criminals.

Top companies hiring criminals updated for 2020 - Felon Jobs Now (2)

1. Storage

Many large companies involved in manufacturing, wholesale, retail, and distribution operate warehouses. To keep up with demand, they often need to keep their warehouses running 24/7.

This means multiple shifts and the need for multiple workers. Recruits can be easily trained on the job and often require no special skills. Most of the time you just need to be in good physical condition to do the loading and unloading work.

These are ideal jobs for people with crimes. Work can often be stable, although wages can be low.

2. Hospitality

From caretakers to servers, there is often a strong demand for temporary workers. This is especially true during peak travel times.

Each region has periods when the number of travelers increases. It could be the sunny weather and the beaches, or just a festival. Whatever the reason, this can be a good time to pick up some work when hotels are understaffed.

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The better you do as a temp, the better your chances of getting a full-time job when a position opens up.

3. Transportation and Delivery

Both service occupations involve the transportation of goods from one point to another. However, trucking jobs are longer, while delivery jobs are limited to shorter distances.

Delivery jobs have become increasingly popular with home shopping and often peak around the holidays. They are physically demanding because they have to carry packages all day. However, they can be profitable with decent wages and benefits.

Many trucking companies strive to hire felons as the lifestyle is tiring for most people. Long solo trips away from family can be difficult. However, this lifestyle appeals to those who have been incarcerated and like the idea of ​​independence and freedom of movement.

The pay is usually very good as many companies are willing to train drivers to obtain the necessary licenses.

4. Retail

There is high staff turnover in this area. This makes many of the companies more relaxed in their hiring practices. This is especially true during peak shopping periods such as Christmas.

With so many customers coming into the stores, there is an urgent need to hire staff to serve them. Jobs to be covered may include cleaning, storage and sales.

These jobs can be available at large and small retailers. Please note that the nature of these jobs can disqualify individuals with theft and fraud convictions. Work stress can also marginalize those who have committed violent crimes.

5. Automation

If you're mechanically inclined, this could be a good option. The auto business offers many jobs for ex-criminals, especially if they have the right skills. There is a continuous stream of cars in need of maintenance and repairs.

There are many great companies that offer good salaries, benefits, and opportunities for advancement.

6. Crime-friendly workplaces

In general, criminals can access any job they want. If you are determined enough and make an effort, it is possible.

Some received professional permits to become nurses and lawyers. However, these are a rarity and unattainable for most criminals. Instead of taking extraordinary measures, most prefer to achieve the practical.

Top companies hiring criminals updated for 2020 - Felon Jobs Now (3)

Crime-friendly jobs are those whose circumstances are conducive to a criminal's history. They must also meet the conditions of their parole.

One of the first requirements is the type of crime committed. As mentioned above, retailers are unlikely to hire a criminal with a history of theft or fraud. Likewise, people convicted of abuse are unlikely to find work when dealing with vulnerable people such as the elderly or disabled.

It is important to compare the nature of the work with the nature of the crime. If there is a conflict of interest, another area of ​​work should be considered.

Skill level is also important. Many criminals have little work experience, which prevents them from being competitive in the job market. Some are smart enough to take prison courses, but most are not.

Skill acquisition is possible with certain crime-friendly jobs. As previously mentioned, many trucking companies are happy to train drivers to obtain the necessary licenses.

Many temp agencies that hire criminals also put them through some form of training to prepare them for office environments.

Many entry-level jobs in the service sector do not require any prior training. Recruits are trained on the job, so a criminal need only be considerate and conscientious.

Be prepared to start at the bottom and work your way up the career ladder. Over time you can work for better pay and responsibility.

The main big companies that hire criminals

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Here we will look at some well-known companies that are places where criminals are hired. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that can be found online that criminals are being hired by these companies.

In addition to supporting ban-the-box initiatives, many have also signed the Fair Chance Trade Pledge. This 2016 White House initiative aimed to recruit large corporations to create returnee jobs.

1. Starbucks

This multinational coffee shop chain has more than 15,000 stores in the US alone and employs more than 250,000 people worldwide. They hire criminals on a case-by-case basis. Don't lie about being a criminal if they ask you while you're conducting background checks.

However, this should not discourage anyone. There are criminals who have been proven to have been employed in stores, warehouses and company offices. They are said to be more concerned with skills and learning potential.

Top companies hiring criminals updated for 2020 - Felon Jobs Now (4)

The easiest entry would be through entry positions in stores and distribution centers. Positions such as cleaners and servants are common. If you can show you can do it, you can become a barista. From here there are numerous opportunities for professional development.


This may come as a surprise, but many tech companies are on board with the idea of ​​helping criminals. Some of the ex-con jobs they offer include technology-related positions, such as software engineer. If you have the right skills in these areas, you can be on par with non-criminals.

Non-technical jobs are also possible. Facebook is expanding its campus in Menlo Park. They're adding additional offices, condos, and a mall. All of this opens up opportunities for various jobs in administration, retail, maintenance and other services.

However, keep in mind that the hiring process can be difficult. For example, you are limited to only 3 positions at a time and can only apply again after one year. The best approach is to wait for job offers that match your skills and experience to apply.

3. McDonalds

Like many other fast food chains, McDonald's has a high staff turnover. Salaries are not that high and the work can be physically demanding. This is because you need to be on your feet most of the time.

However, they offer decent benefits, including performance bonuses and health and dental insurance. They also try to reduce staff turnover by developing management career plans.

The high demand for employees made this and other franchises willing to hire criminals. Note, however, that there is a difference between corporate headquarters and franchises. The hiring decision may be at the discretion of the franchisee.

4. Lagoon

This popular retailer has a strict hiring policy against discrimination against criminals. While they obviously have many outlets to offer, they have other divisions as well. Criminals can find opportunities to work in administration, communications, design, sales, and transportation.

The advantages it offers are also impressive. In addition to medical and dental plans, employees also receive paid vacations, retirement benefits, and merchandise discounts.

5. American Airlines

There are many big players in the airline industry who offer jobs to people with criminal records. American Airlines is one of the companies that have a well-documented hiring policy.

They don't ask about criminal records until a job offer is made. This ensures that the best candidate is selected for the position. Some of the benefits include medical and dental coverage, 401K matching, employee discounts, and paid vacations.

However, criminals should consider any restrictions that may affect their ability to work here. For example, some criminals may be disqualified from jobs that involve travel if they cannot recover their passports.

6.CVS Health

This company is a great choice for anyone in the medical field. In addition to the extensive network of pharmacies with extensive employment opportunities, they are also signatories to the Fair Chance Pledge.

They have several departments with open positions including administration, sales, billing, customer service, distribution, beauty and analytics. Some of your benefits include medical, dental, prescription, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement.

Because the Company deals in drugs, some positions may not be available for offenders with drug convictions. However, it is company policy to evaluate each candidate on a case-by-case basis.

7. Walmart

This is the largest private employer in the country. They have a strong demand for qualified candidates and have hired criminals on a number of occasions.

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They signed the Fair Chance Pledge. The Company also has a policy of reviewing applications from offenders who have been sentenced for at least 7 years. However, as a retailer, they typically don't hire criminals convicted of theft, violent crimes, or sex crimes.

The company has many entry positions that can be useful for inexperienced criminals. This can include a clerk, car attendant, salesman, and janitor. However, if you have some experience and skills, you are considered criminals for senior positions.

The company conducts background checks, so it's wise to be honest about criminal records. Offenders should also be aware that they may be drug tested as a condition of prior employment.

8. Marriage

Marriott is the largest international hotel chain with more than 5,300 hotels in North America alone. The company reviews job applicants on a case-by-case basis and has a history of hiring criminals.

When hiring, the hotel initially focuses on experience and skills. Then they consider the type of crime committed, years since release, and number of convictions.

The range of jobs is diverse. Departments looking for new employees include administration, housekeeping, purchasing, customer service, marketing, food, beverage and kitchen.

They offer good benefits, including medical and dental coverage, tuition reimbursement, paid volunteering, and discounts on hotel stays. The company has also established career paths and leadership development programs.

Benefits of working for large organizations

When criminals are released, there is often a desire to keep their heads down. He feels he must remain discreet.

Many will be looking for temporary jobs. They hope the company doesn't run a background check.

They also tend to think it will be a good stepping stone to better jobs in the future.

These are reasonable thoughts, but they shouldn't stop you from achieving higher goals. When we recommend criminals to apply extensively, we mean organizations large and small.

Since many of these big companies have jobs that criminals hire, there's no point in excluding them. Here's what to expect if you're successful.

Better salaries and benefits

Larger companies tend to offer better salaries compared to smaller companies, even at the entry level. With more career opportunities, your income is likely to improve as well. Benefits such as medical and dental care for you and your family are also often included.

Education and training opportunities

Many large companies prefer to fund internally. They train employees to assume supervisory and managerial roles over time. They also support efforts to improve education through scholarships and tuition reimbursement programs.

unemployment insurance

Larger companies tend to fail less often than SMEs. They are more stable and positions here are highly sought after. Employees appreciate the opportunity to work for a company that they believe can employ them.

Remember that we cannot promise that you will get the position you apply for. Job hunting is a competitive sport.

Some of those who apply alongside you will be more qualified, some less. Keep trying and follow the tips above to improve your chances.


For criminals concerned about what will happen to them once they are released, there is certainly hope. The labor market is increasingly willing to take criminals into the workforce. Many large companies support this effort and have taken reasonable steps to make it happen.

(Video) 5 Places Felons Can Find Jobs Today

The list is not limited to the companies we highlight here. Whatever industry you want to work in, try to apply widely.

Remember to be practical in your approach and focus on positions not conflicting with the crime being committed. Don't give up and in time you should succeed.


How do you convince an employer to hire you with a felony? ›

It is up to you, but we recommend honesty. On the application, write ”will discuss in interview” rather than a lengthy explanation of past convictions. In an interview, keep explanations brief, and stress what you have learned from your conviction and time in prison, how you have changed, and your skills or assets.

Will Google hire someone with a felony? ›

Yes, Google does sometimes hire felons.

In states like California, where Google's headquarters is, many companies have gotten behind the "ban the box" initiative, though Google's support of this is unclear. Above all, employment at Google is extremely competitive.

Does Amazon hire violent felons? ›

Amazon is a second chance employer, meaning that getting a job with a felony on your record is possible at Amazon warehouses. And it's not just Amazon. Warehouse jobs act as new career paths for many ex-convicts.

What state is toughest on crime? ›

Alaska. The most dangerous state in the USA is Alaska, as it has the highest combined violent and property crime rate out of any state. Out of a population of 736,081, Alaska's crime rate was 32.14 per 1,000 people in 2022, making it the state with the highest crime rate.

What percentage of US is felons? ›

Shannon et al. (2017) show that while the share of the total U.S. adult population with felony records is about 8 percent, the share of Black adults is about 23 percent. This rate is even higher for Black men, where one-third (33 percent) have a felony record (Shannon et al., 2017).

How do you answer have you ever been convicted of a crime? ›

If the application gives you space to explain your conviction, and if the conviction is far in the past, state what the conviction was and how long ago it happened, explain that you've turned your life around, and welcome an opportunity to discuss it in person.

How hard is it for a convict to get a job? ›

Employers often refuse to hire ex-offenders because of legal liability issues. If an employee commits a crime, the company might be held partially or fully liable, depending on the particulars of the case. This could lead to thousands or millions of dollars in damage awards and attorney fees.

How do you write a letter explaining a felony conviction? ›

  1. Make your presentation honest, clear and concise.
  2. Take responsibility for your actions without excuses or blaming others.
  3. Sincerely speak to the feelings you have regarding your behavior – show remorse.
  4. In a positive way, state the price you have paid and what you have learned from this experience.

Can a felon do cyber security? ›

Can a felon get a cybersecurity job? Since government cybersecurity jobs require a security clearance, the government will consider a felony an automatic rejection. However, it may be possible to get a cybersecurity job as a felon in the private sector.

Does Netflix hire felons? ›

Yes, Netflix does hire felons.

However, felonies related to cybercrimes, or physical or sexual assault, are likely to disqualify a candidate from employment. In general, Netflix is open to hiring former felons.

What is the Fair Chance Pledge? ›

The Pledge

We are committed to providing individuals with criminal records, including formerly incarcerated individuals, a fair chance to participate in the American economy.”

How far back does Amazon background check go? ›

If you do choose this, amazon will most likely deny your employment. These background checks can go as far back as 10-years but most only go as far as 7-years. Amazon does use a professional service to process their background check applications.

Can you work at DHL with a felony? ›

Yes, felony friendly. Each case varies, Goodluck.

How long does Amazon criminal background check take? ›

Generally, the more complex your background check requirements, the longer it will take to complete the process. To this end, candidates should expect to wait between 3-10 days, based on Amazon's official website, for their background checks to be completed.

What state is most lenient on criminals? ›

The most friendly state for felons is Vermont, where no felons are disenfranchised and no voting restrictions. In the US, there are 5.17 million people disenfranchised due to a felony conviction.

What is the least crime state? ›

Maine has the lowest crime rate in America, with around 1.3 crimes per 1000 people. Like Vermont, the majority of crime is related to property theft, and there are very few instances of violent crimes such as mugging, assault, or murder.

What is the safest state in USA? ›

Based on the number of homicides, the ten safest states in America are New Hampshire, Vermont, Wyoming, Maine, Rhode Island, North Dakota, South Dakota, Hawaii, Idaho, and Alaska. New Hampshire is the safest state in the US, with just 20 reported homicide incidents.

What is the most common felony? ›

The 4 Most Common Types of Felony Offenses
  • #1: Drug Crimes. Although there have been recent changes in state laws, including Arizona, that now make some drug crimes misdemeanors, many drug crimes can lead to felony charges. ...
  • #2: Violent Crimes. ...
  • #3: Theft. ...
  • #4: Sex Crimes.
Jan 10, 2022

How long does a felony stay on your record in the US? ›

A felony conviction will generally remain on a person's criminal record for life. Typically, the only way to remove it is to have it expunged. This process can seal the conviction from public view. Each state has its own expungement rules.

Why can't felons leave the US? ›

If a U.S. citizen with a felony record wishes to travel outside the United States, they won't usually have any problem, however, if they have an outstanding warrant for a serious felony, they can face serious repercussions if they attempt to leave the U.S. because it looks like they're trying to flee the country to ...

What do you say when asked about criminal record? ›

Address Your Criminal History in Person

If you're asked about your criminal background during the interview, be honest and direct in your answer. Then, focus on the positive things you've done since serving your time. By doing this, you'll show the employer your resilience and commitment to change.

What is the star technique in interviews? ›

The STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing.

What is a sample sentence for convicted? ›

The plaintiff was convicted of the crime. He was convicted and sentenced to death. Both men had been convicted of drug trafficking. The police said there was not enough evidence to convict.

How likely are ex-offenders to get a job offer? ›

Their chance of getting a job offer was reduced by 65 percent. Most disturb- ing, however, was that employers called back white ex-offenders at about the same rate as blacks who reported no criminal record. Both had approximately a 17 percent chance of a follow-up call.

Why should ex convicts not be hired? ›

There is a risk of recidivism: People with criminal records have a real risk of having a relapse. They can bring danger into your workplace: Ex-offenders might exhibit behaviors that are a danger to your company or other employees.

How do I get a job after getting out of jail? ›

Tips for finding a job after incarceration
  1. Know which jobs you won't be able to get. ...
  2. Review your record of prior convictions to make sure it's accurate. ...
  3. Be honest about your past. ...
  4. Take time to develop your narrative. ...
  5. Know which companies are open to hiring returning citizens.
Nov 9, 2022

What do you say in a letter to a judge before sentencing? ›

Let the judge know that you are aware a crime was committed and the person has either pleaded guilty or been judged guilty. Avoid making excuses for the person's behavior. Instead, focus on how the defendant has expressed remorse for committing the crime.

How do I write a letter of explanation? ›

The key to writing a great letter of explanation is to keep it short, simple and informative. Be clear and write with as much detail as you can since someone else will need to understand your situation. Avoid including irrelevant information or answers to questions the underwriter didn't ask.

How do you start an explanation letter? ›

Explain the situation

To begin writing this type of letter, you might explain the situation or circumstance and any contributing factors. Consider including information to answer questions like: What happened? How did it happen?

What background do you need for cyber security? ›

Many companies now require cyber security professionals to have a bachelor's degree, but some companies hire candidates with certifications for various positions. If you have a background in technology or have prior security experience, you may be able to obtain an entry-level job with the right certification.

Can felons be ethical hackers? ›

I was recently going through the "Code of Ethics" laid out by EC-Council in the C|EH Handbook. It clearly states that not only will a felony conviction of any kind cause one to lose their C|EH certification, but also that any prior convictions, regardless of their nature, are grounds for revocation of your C|EH.

Do cyber criminals ever get caught? ›

But actually how many cybercriminals are caught? The primary danger of cybercrime is that a guilty criminal is rarely caught or prosecuted. Subsequently, the low conviction rate leaves governments and businesses vulnerable to multiple targeted attacks.

What countries do not allow convicted felons? ›

List of Countries You Can't Travel to With a Criminal Record
  • China.
  • Cuba.
  • India.
  • Iran.
  • Israel.
  • Japan.
  • Kenya.
  • Macau.

Does Walt Disney hire felons? ›

There have been some circumstances where a person with a felony has been hired at Disney. However, this is determined on a case-by-case basis. The chances of a person getting hired at Disney with a felony will largely depend on the length of time since the felony and the type of felony.

Will Pepsi hire felons? ›

Yes, Pepsico hires felons on a case-by-case basis.

Keep in mind that Pepsico will perform a background check prior to an offer of employment. This background check will look for misdemeanor and felony convictions at both the state and federal levels.

What is ab1008? ›

Know Your Rights as a Jobseeker. Under the New 'Ban the Box' Law. The California Fair Chance Act (AB 1008) takes effect on January 1, 2018. The law ensures that. employers fairly consider job applicants with a record by delaying when an employer can ask about an applicant's conviction history or run a background check.

What is the government code 12952? ›

Also referred to as “banning the box,” Government Code section 12952 makes it illegal for most employers in California to ask about the criminal record of job applicants before making a conditional job offer.

Is Arizona a felon friendly state? ›

Is Arizona a Felony Friendly State? The decision to no longer inquire about criminal history on job applications in Arizona, has made them one of the 35 states that “Ban the Box.” This means that Arizona employers can no longer ask an applicant about their criminal history on a job application.

What rights do felons lose in Kentucky? ›

As a citizen of Kentucky, you lose the right to vote and hold public office if you are convicted of a felony. However, the Kentucky Constitution gives the Governor the option to restore these civil rights.

Can a felon live in the same house with someone who owns a gun in North Carolina? ›

As a convicted felon you cannot own or possess a firearm. Even though the firearms may not be yours, if you are residing in the household with those firearms then arguably you are possessing them.

What is the easiest military branch to get into with a criminal record? ›

With the lower minimum AFQT score requirement and a greater likelihood of waiving past minor offenses, the Army is considered the easiest to get into in terms of military branches. Related Article – Can You Join The Military With A Felony?

How long does a felony show up on a background check in Arizona? ›

Glendale, AZ

Additionally, background checks can only provide data on convictions that occurred seven years or less prior to the date of the request.

Can a felon be a cop in Arizona? ›

Must be 21 years of age by the completion of the basic academy. Must be a U.S. Citizen. Must have a High School diploma or GED. No felony commissions/convictions or convictions of any offense that would be a felony if committed in Arizona.

How long do felonies stay on your record in AZ? ›

As a result of Arizona's strict sentencing laws, most misdemeanor and felony convictions will remain on your record until you turn 99. The state does allow for the courts to set aside qualifying offenses, but this only means that they are not in effect – it doesn't remove them from your criminal record.

Can a felon have a gun in the house Kentucky? ›

State law in Kentucky prohibits possession of a firearm by anyone convicted of a felony after July 15, 1994, and possession of a handgun by anyone convicted of a felony after January 1, 1975. These prohibitions include a person who was convicted of a felony offense as a “youthful offender” in the state.

Can a felon hunt in Kentucky? ›

A person convicted of a felony is prohibited from possessing or hunting with a firearm in Kentucky. Breech and muzzle-loading rifles, shotguns and handguns are all considered firearms.

Can a felon get his gun rights back in KY? ›

As mentioned above, any felony conviction that occurred after 1994 will prevent you from firearm ownership for life. If you obtain a pardon for your conviction by the Kentucky Governor or President of the United States, your firearm rights may be restored.

How long before a convicted felon can own a gun in North Carolina? ›

The law prohibits someone from possessing a firearm who has a felony conviction in North Carolina, another state, or under federal law. The prohibition is a lifetime ban.

Can a felon be around someone who owns a gun? ›

Felons are allowed to associate with or be around someone who owns a gun, but these laws can get tricky. A convicted felon may be found guilty of “constructive possession” of a firearm if they knew that a firearm was in a home or residence and they could maintain control of the gun.

Can a felon own a gun in NC 2023? ›

The North Carolina Felony Firearms Act makes it illegal for a convicted felon to purchase, own, or possess any firearm.

What boot camp is the hardest? ›

The most elite special operations forces in the U.S. are known as the Green Berets, and while that alone is enough to spark debate, there's great reasoning behind it. Training includes harsh mental and physical undertakings, including the school that's widely regarded as the hardest: Combat Diving.

Can a felon join the military 2023? ›

It's possible to join the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Space Force, or Coast Guard with a felony conviction. With that said, it is an uphill battle. In general, the six branches of the military are looking for candidates with a “sound moral character“. Often, a felony is looked at as a failure to meet that standard.

Can you enlist in the Air Force with a criminal record? ›

convicted of felonies may request a waiver to permit their enlistment. The waiver procedure is not automatic, and approval. on each individual case. Waiver requirements are outlined in § 66.7 of this part. (iii) Has a State or federal conviction.


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(Questions by Wesley Walker)
5. What you CANT do if you are a FELON #felony #felon
(Cassandra Unfiltered)
6. Jobs for Felons
(Harley Blakeman)


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