Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (2023)

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In this post, we've collected nine great online image optimization tools that you can use to compress JPG, PNG, and GIF files right in your web browser.

In addition to sharing information about each tool, we also share actual test data for a JPG and PNG test image to give you an idea of ​​the file size savings each tool can provide.

These 9# Image Optimization Tools Will Help You Compress Images From Your Web Browser

Top 9 Online Image Enhancement Tools Tested & Compared

Online image optimization tools will help you with that.compress imagesthe changeType of filewithout appreciable loss of quality.

To give you an idea of ​​how much compression is possible, we've put some online image optimization tools through their paces. Working with two images: a JPG (approximately 1.3 MB file size) and a PNG (approximately 2.1 MB).

You can see the two images we optimized with each tool below. Look at the top right hand corner that shows the original file size before going through any online image optimizer.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (1)

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (2)

Below are the results of our image optimization experiments:
compression toolJPG image compression
(original size ~1.3 MB)
Percentage reduction in JPG filepng image compression
(original size ~2.1 MB)
Percentage reduction in PNG file
compress now0,04MB99,97 %0,04 MB **99,98% **
jpeg optimizer0,0615 MB95,39%N / DN / D
lowercase png0,1104 megabytes92%0,3504 MB83%
optimizilla0,112 MB91%0,433 megabytes79%
JPEG.io0,25944MB79,57%0,25908MB**86,98% **
ImageRecycle0,09421 MB92,78%0,3984 megabytes80,41%
Kompressor.io0.055MB95%0,434 megabytes78%
Ezgif0,09526 MB92,7%1,5MB24,5%
Dynamic drive optimizer0,0803 MB93%0,46MB77%

**The result of this was a JPG file, so not a true 1-on-1 comparison, as the compression also involved a PNG ➡️ JPG conversion.

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Now let's get into the tools in more detail...

1.compress now

Compress Now is an excellent image optimization tool that allows you to compress three of the most common image file types: JPG, GIF, and PNG.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (3)

It has some other useful features, including the fact that it allows you to choose the degree to which you want to compress the uploaded image. The maximum file size you can upload is 9MB = 9000KB, which is way beyond our two example images.

When I did the test I set the compression level to 65% and with the naked eye I could hardly tell the difference between the original and the much lighter compressed version. The compressed image was slightly less bright. When I say Smidgeon I mean that if you were to mix them up and ask me to choose the pill over the original, it would be hard for me to say which is which.

The only downside to this online image optimizer is that while you can feed the tool all three types of image files (JPEG, PNG, GIF), it only outputs JPEG files at the other end.

In other words:

✖️ GIF ➡️ GIF

If you're okay with that, Compress Now takes the crown for best lossless image compressor. The numbers don't lie. Check it out below.


👉 Save JPEG image files: 99.97%
👉 Save PNG image files: 99.98% (output file is JPEG)

2.jpeg optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is a good solution if you only need to compress JPEG images because, as the name suggests, PNG or GIF files are not supported.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (4)

Most of us should be happy with the default compression of 65%, although the site can compress images from 0% to 99%. With just the default settings, I was able to compress the image to nearly half its original size, and the quality wasn't noticeably different.

If you want, you can also set the maximum image size (default is 4 MB) and change its dimensions. Once the tool compresses the image, you can download it and use it wherever you need it.


👉 Save JPEG image files - 95.39%

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (5)

3.lowercase png

Tiny PNG is a reliable tool that easily handles JPEG and PNG image format compression, allowing you to upload up to 20 images at a time. Each file size can reach 5 MB. Forlarger files, must be a paying customer.

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Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (6)

After compression, the images can be downloaded to your computer or saved to Dropbox. Tiny PNG also makes it easy for WordPress users with aarador. To compare image optimization plugins for WordPress, check out ourprevious post.


👉 Save JPEG image files: 92%
👉 Save PNG image file: 83%


Another easy-to-use image enhancer that compresses JPEG, GIF, and PNG formats. If you choose Optimizilla, you can upload up to 20 images. The tool queues up each image and automatically compresses it through lossy optimization.

It's nice that you can see all the compressed images in onesliderand check its status during the optimization process. You can see the compression percentage of each image and delete the images you don't want to save.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (7)

Another cool feature is that if you are not happy with the default compression level, you can click on any image on the slider and scroll down to preview it and change the quality manually. Check it out below:

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (8)

When you're done, you can download all the images in bulk or download them individually.


👉 Save JPEG image files: 91%
👉 Save PNG image file: 79%

To convert images from any format to JPEG, you can try It handles more types of images than most online image enhancement tools. To use it, drag your png, gif,SVG, or even PSD files on your website. The tool first converts the images to JPEG and then compresses them before returning the images to you.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (9)

The tool can also grab image files from your Google Drive or Dropbox and send you the optimized JPEG files in a zip file.


👉 JPEG image file savings: 79.57%
👉 Savings of PNG image file: 86.98% (output is JPEG)


If you need to optimize images in multiple formats, you'll find ImageRecycle to be a safe bet. This tool supports not only PNG or JPEG, but also GIF and PDF. You can drag and drop your images on the website and download the optimized images with one click.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (10)

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One useful thing about ImageRecycle is that it gives you a free report of your website detailing which images need optimization. Just enter your website URL to get this report.

To access features like URL or Page Optimizer, you must agree to their one-time payment plans. You can choose between different price ranges: $10 (10,000 images), $20 (30,000 images), and $50 (100,000 images).

There's a 15-day free trial with a 100MB limit for you to decide. Once paid, you can use your quota on unlimited sites with unlimited subaccounts for one year. One month of backup and restore is included. wordpress,Magento, miJoomlaGenericNameUsers can trust the extensions instead of visiting the website every timeShopifyUsers receive a unique application.


👉 Save JPEG image files: 92.78%
👉 Save PNG image file: 80.41%

If you are looking for high compression levels that can save you hundreds of KB, check out He canReduce file sizesby almost 90%. Compresses JPEG and PNG images without pixel loss and lossy compression for other file types. However, the file size must not exceed 10 MB.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (11)

A cool slider allows you to compare the original and optimized images side by side. You can download the file and save it to Google Drive or Dropbox.


👉 Save JPEG image files: 95%
👉 Save PNG image file: 78%


Although the name suggests otherwise, Ezgif is an all-purpose online image optimizer. You can use it to work on your GIFs, PNGs, and JPGs.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (12)

In the GIF department, Ezgifra raises the bar to a new level. You can use it to do many things with GIFs, including creating, resizing, cropping, or enhancing. You can create GIFs using JPEG, PNG, and other images and upload up to 2,000 files, though the total size is limited to 100MB.

Furthermore, PNG and JPG optimization is also quite efficient. You can also do some simple edits like rotate, crop, add an overlay and more to your image before enhancing it. When it comes to the optimization itself, it's pretty good.


👉 JPEG image file savings: 92.7%
👉 Save PNG image files: 24.5%

9.Dynamic drive optimizer

While Dynamic Drive's online image optimizer is possibly the least aesthetically pleasing tool on this list, it gets the job done. Not only does it get the job done, but it also has a really compelling feature that sets it apart from some of the other image enhancers featured here.

That feature is the ability to control the output of the file type. In other words, you can start with a JPG and end with a compressed PNG or any other combination of input and output.

Top 9 Best Online Photo Enhancement Tools Compared (Real Test Data) (13)

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The other unique feature of Dynamic Drive is that it doesn't just deliver a result when it delivers results. It generates a series of nine images at different levels of quality, so you can quickly scroll through and choose the version that's most acceptable to you. The closer you get to the original quality, the less image size you save.

In our experiment, when scanning the JPEG results, only the latter suffered noticeably in quality. It was still decent, but the parrot started to pixelate. At higher levels, the parrot remained almost identical to the original.

For PNG files, the first version after the original kept 256 colors with a 7% saving in file size. It looked quite similar to the uploaded image, but you could already see that it was a bit different. More importantly, it has lost its shine. Subjectively, the 64-color version was probably the last acceptable option to be within an acceptable quality range.


👉 JPEG Image File Savings: 93% (at quality level 60) | maximum 97% (at quality level 10)
👉 Save PNG image files: 77% (in 64 colors) | max 92% (with 4 colors this is almost useless)

Final Thoughts on the Best Online Image Enhancement Tools

According to our results, Compress Now is the best JPEG compressor with an image compression score of 99.97%, while TinyPNG takes the crown as the best PNG compressor with 83%. Below is a summary of our findings:

compression toolJPG image compression
(original size ~1.3 MB)
Percentage reduction in JPG filepng image compression
(original size ~2.1 MB)
Percentage reduction in PNG file
compress now0,04MB99,97 %0,04 MB **99,98% **
jpeg optimizer0,0615 MB95,39%N / DN / D
lowercase png0,1104 megabytes92%0,3504 MB83%
optimizilla0,112 MB91%0,433 megabytes79%
JPEG.io0,25944MB79,57%0,25908MB**86,98% **
ImageRecycle0,09421 MB92,78%0,3984 megabytes80,41%
Kompressor.io0.055MB95%0,434 megabytes78%
Ezgif0,09526 MB92,7%1,5MB24,5%
Dynamic drive optimizer0,0803 MB93%0,46MB77%

**The result of this was a JPG file, so not a true 1-on-1 comparison, as the compression also involved a PNG ➡️ JPG conversion.

💡 Last but not least, if you have amake no roomand i just want to provide an efficient tool to optimize all images on this siteOptimolcomprehension. It's our "set it and forget it" image optimizer that runs on full autopilot.

Do you have questions about how to best use these online image enhancement tools? Let us know in the comments and we'll try to help!

These 9# Image Optimization Tools Will Help You Compress Images From Your Web Browser

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What is the best online photo enhancer? ›

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  • YouCam Enhance.
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  • Vance AI.
  • PicWish.
  • BeFunky.
Mar 5, 2023

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How do professionals enhance photos? ›

Step-by-step: how to enhance photos.
  1. Correct the exposure. Poor lighting affects the tone and visibility of an image. ...
  2. Blur backgrounds. If the subject of your photo is in the foreground but the backdrop proves distracting, just blur it. ...
  3. Crop the image. ...
  4. Apply contrast. ...
  5. Remove unwanted objects. ...
  6. Add effects.

Is there an app that improves picture quality? ›

With Remini, you can give your grainy, pixelated, damaged, low-resolution photos a new lease of life. Marvel at how stunning they look in clear, sharp high-definition. Over 100 million photos already revitalized. Remini is one of the most popular and beloved photo-enhancement apps in the world.

What is the AI picture thing everyone is using? ›

What is the AI photo app everyone is using on IG? Lensa is the AI photo editing app everyone is using on Instagram!

Is Midjourney the best AI? ›

Midjourney is one of the best AI art generator widely available for common users in 2022. Midjourney: This tool is great for creating abstract or surrealistic images.

What is the smartest AI right now? ›

Lucid.AI is the world's largest and most complete general knowledge base and common-sense reasoning engine.

What is the smartest AI in the world right now? ›

Summit is the fastest supercomputer in the world and the first to reach exaop (exa operations per second) speed. Having achieved 1.88 exaops during a genomic analysis, Summit is expected to reach 3.3 exaops using mixed precision calculations.

What is the best free AI upscaler? ›

Icons8 is also one of the top-rated AI image upscalers, you can use Icons8 to upscale images online for free (but there will be a watermark in the result). Icons8 is a great AI tool that will automatically fix imperfections in your images when you enhance their resolution.

Can you digitally enhance a photo? ›

Enhance your images with Adobe Express.

Whether you need to fix camera shake, low lighting, or a lack of focus, the Enhancement feature improves images quicker than ever. Simply upload your photo, select the Enhancements option, and watch as our photo enhancer app breathes new life into your image.

Can you actually enhance a photo? ›

This depends on what you mean by enhance. There are no cameras that see a scene in exactly the same way that the human eyes see it. Photojournalists and forensic photographers may make adjustments so that the photograph looks more like what they saw.

How can I enhance a blurry picture digitally? ›

11 Best Apps to Make Pictures Clear
  1. Snapseed.
  2. Photo Editor & Collage Maker by BeFunky.
  3. PIXLR.
  4. FOTOR.
  5. Lightroom Moblie App.
  6. Enhance Photo Quality (Android and iOS)
  7. Lumii (Android)
  8. Photo Director.

Why doesn t Remini work? ›

If you're using a Wi-Fi network, try your mobile data connection, and vice versa. If you're using a VPN, turn it off and try again. If you're using the Enhance+ or PRO enhancement feature, make sure you have an active subscription. Only subscribed users can use Remini's Pro features.

How much does Remini pro cost? ›

Top In-App Purchases
Remini Lite WeeklyWeekly$4.99
Remini Lite WeeklyWeekly$4.99
Remini Lite WeeklyWeekly$2.99
Remini Pro WeeklyWeekly$9.99
6 more rows

Is there a free version of Remini? ›

Yes, you can! You can use the free version of Remini to enhance a limited number of photos per day. You'll just need to watch a couple of ads while Remini works its magic.

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  • TouchRetouch. Android | iPhone. ...
  • Prisma Photo Editor. Android | iPhone. ...
  • Instagram. ...
  • Foodie – Camera for life.

What is the most popular advanced online photo editor? ›

Online Photo Editors
  • Canva – Ideal for team collaboration.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express – Ideal for quick edits on mobile.
  • Instasize – Great for social media images.
  • Pixlr – The best browser-based solution for quick edits.
  • piZap – A good option for novices.
  • Photopea – The best free browser alternative to Adobe Photoshop.
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Which AI system can create realistic images? ›

Imagen AI is an AI system that creates photorealistic images from input text, it was developed by Google Research. Imagen is a text-to-image diffusion model that achieves an unprecedented degree of photorealism and a deep level of natural language understanding.

Which AI image generator is the best? ›

The best AI image generators
  • DALL·E 2 for an easy-to-use AI image generator.
  • Midjourney for the best AI image results.
  • DreamStudio (Stable Diffusion) for customization and control of your AI images.
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What is the most powerful AI image generator? ›

Top AI Art Generators: In A Nutshell (March 2023)
Sr. No.AI Image GeneratorBest for
1.Jasper ArtBest for creating images in different styles
2.Starry AIBest for creating and owning images
3.Dream by WomboBest for beginners
4.NightcafeBest for generating creative images
12 more rows
6 days ago

What is the most realistic AI? ›

To date, Ameca is the most advanced, realistic humanoid robot ever made. Ameca is a cloud-connected platform equipped with Engineered Arts' powerful Tritium robot operating system. This platform can be used to test and build AI and machine learning systems.

What is the number 1 AI company? ›

Top Artificial Intelligence Companies. Amazon, Microsoft, Google, and IBM all have one big thing in common - they are leaders in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML). But you don't have to be a tech giant to leverage AI or even work with an AI firm.

Which company has the most advanced AI? ›

Here are eight the top cloud AI companies:
  • Google Cloud. Google, a leader in AI and data analytics, is on a massive AI acquisition binge, having acquired a number of AI startups in the last several years. ...
  • IBM Cloud. ...
  • Alibaba Cloud. ...
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) ...
  • DataRobot. ...
  • Baidu AI Cloud. ...
  • Microsoft Azure. ...
  • Salesforce.
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Which is better Dalle or MidJourney? ›

Hence, we can say that MidJourney is more precise and accurate in creating images compared to Dall-E.

What's better than MidJourney? ›

  • DALL-E 2. Paid • Proprietary. AI Art Generator. ...
  • Craiyon. Freemium • Open Source. AI Art Generator. ...
  • Dall-E. Freemium • Proprietary. AI Art Generator. ...
  • Stable Diffusion Online. Free • Proprietary. ...
  • Microsoft Designer. Free • Proprietary. ...
  • DiffusionBee. Free • Open Source. ...
  • DALL-E FLOW. Free • Open Source. ...
  • GauGAN2. Free • Proprietary.
Mar 1, 2023

What is the smartest AI to talk to? ›

Mitsuku is claimed to be the most human-like conversation bot in the world. The chatbot has won Loenber price multiple times for the most human-like conversation.

What is the most advanced AI to talk to? ›

What is Merlin AI? Merlin AI is a major breakthrough for artificial intelligence on mobile platforms. It is the most advanced chatbot ever released. Its features include an expansive language model that understands natural language and provides context-aware responses to questions.

Can AI become self aware? ›

Until we reach sentient AI, which we don't know if or when that will occur, there isn't any kind of AI that is self-aware. Not at least in the meaning of human-oriented self-awareness. Don't even suggest that it can happen.

Which AI is more intelligent than human being? ›

Compared to the human brain, machine learning (ML) can process more data and do so at a faster rate. This allows it to discover patterns in data that would go unnoticed by a person.

What AI app is everyone using on Facebook? ›

It's called Lensa AI, and the viral photo-editing app takes your uploaded photos and creates "magic avatars" using your face. However, the photo editor doesn't come without privacy concerns.

Who is leading the AI race? ›

This report measures the progress each region has since made in AI by using new data to update 15 of the metrics and add 1 new metric. It finds that the United States still leads, with 44.6 points, followed by China with 32.0 and the European Union with 23.3.

In what year will AI surpass human intelligence? ›

In all cases, the majority of participants expected AI singularity before 2060. In the 2022 Expert Survey on Progress in AI, conducted with 738 experts who published at the 2021 NIPS and ICML conferences, AI experts estimate that there's a 50% chance that high-level machine intelligence will occur until 2059.

What is the best free image AI? ›

Table of contents:
  • Fotor.
  • DALL-E 2.
  • NightCafe.
  • Jasper Art.
  • Midjourney.
  • Starry AI.
  • Pixray.
  • Conclusion.

What is the best free AI? ›

Best Free Artificial Intelligence Software
  • Scalenut,
  • Anyword,
  • UserWay,
  • Lityx,
  • neuroflash,
  • Equally AI,
  • Velma,

Do AI photo enhancers work? ›

AI image enhancers can improve the resolution, color, contrast, lighting, and many other elements of your image. They allow marketers to quickly scale images and ensure they have professional-looking pictures to use on their websites and social media profiles.

What is the best free photo Enhancer app? ›

Discover Best Free Photo Editing Apps for iPhone & Android in 2023
  • YouCam Perfect.
  • YouCam Makeup.
  • PhotoDirector.
  • Adobe Lightroom Mobile.
  • Snapseed.
  • VSCO.
  • Photoshop Express Photo Editor.
  • Polarr.
Mar 1, 2023

How can I make low quality photos look better online? ›

How to fix pixelated images?
  1. Go to the Fotor AI Enlarger.
  2. Upload your blurry picture, Click "Adjust" and find the "AI Enlarger " tool. It supports to enlarge by 200% and 400% based on your needs.
  3. Finally, don't forget to click "Apply" and save your photo.
  4. Download your HD images.

How can I make a blurry picture clear online? ›

You can quickly sharpen a blurry photo to make it clear and crisp with Fotor's free online image sharpener. Just drag and drop a blurry image to Fotor, then watch how Fotor's sharpening tool transforms the blur image into a clear image. The result will be super sharp with no halos and artifacts.

Which is the No 1 photo editing app? ›

  • 17 Best Free Photo Editing Apps.
  • PhotoDirector - Best Free Photo Editor App. ...
  • YouCam Perfect: Best Free Photo Editor. ...
  • Pixlr - Best Photo Editor For Filters. ...
  • PicsArt - Best Video & Photo Editor App. ...
  • Snapseed - Best Photo Editor App for Casual Users. ...
  • Adobe Photoshop Camera - Best Photo Editor For Taking Pictures.
5 days ago

How do professionals edit photos for free? ›

What is the best free online photo editor?
  1. Taler.
  2. GIMP.
  3. Canva.
  4. Fotor.
  5. Photo POS Pro.
  6. Pixlr X.
  7. Photoshop Express.
May 17, 2022

How can I improve old photos digitally? ›

The three most common methods of print photo digitization are scanning photos on a smartphone, scanning photos on a scanner, or sending photos to get digitized by a digitization service.

How do I make a pixelated picture clear? ›

The only way to effectively remove pixelation is to use AI-based depixelators. Traditional image editors, like Photoshop, only smooth out the edges a little bit, making a picture look blurry. In turn, AI, trained on millions of images, can genuinely restore the details, putting the missing pixels in place.

What app can I use to Unblur pictures? ›

Snapshot of the Top 3 Free Apps To Unblur Photos
  • PhotoDirector — Our Top Pick for Unblurring Images. PhotoDirector is our top pick for unblurring images. ...
  • Remini — AI Photo Enhancer for Grainy Images. Remini is specifically designed to transform grainy or pixelated images. ...
  • Vivid — Enhance Photos to HD.
Dec 23, 2022


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