The Sims 4 Rent a Lot Mod: How to Rent and Own a Lot (2023)

Did you know that you can become a real estate investor and even rent out your home in The Sims 4? Rental Lot Mod makes it possible! Read on to find out how this amazing mod works and how you can buy, sell, rent and monetize real estate in your favorite game!

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What is the Rental Lot Mod for The Sims 4?

Let's start buying and renting properties like the pros in The Sims 4! Buying real estate in the game is a fairly simple task. We see our dream house or find the perfect lot in the neighborhood we want to settle in, and the land or property is just a few clicks and hours away. Without this mod, Sims can only own, not rent, real estate. They can rent out their own homes and apartments that require paying a weekly rent, but they can't make money by putting their home on the market.

The Rental Lot Mod changes everything. Sims can now own and earn extra money from rent. Any property your Sims own, regardless of size, becomes a potential source of income! Even better, they can have a real empire and establish a monopoly on property in any world!

Sims can become real landlords, rent out properties to others to earn a solid passive income, or rent out properties themselves. The mod adds an all-new buying, selling, and renting system that introduces new realistic interactions such as hiring a real estate agent, appraising properties, interviewing potential tenants, and more. So let's see what this powerful land rental mod is all about!

How to install mods?

To get the Rent Lot Mod for SimRealist,here.After downloading, copy the file to Documents>Electronic Art>The Sims 4>Mods, launch the game and start playing! Also make sure you have the SNB-bills mod (also from SimRealist) installed so your Sims can easily make financial transactions. You can get this little modher.

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It requires the rental mode to be activated first. After loading the game, you won't see any changes and the mods don't seem to work. To activate it, just pick up your phone and start using the rental menu that comes with the mod.

How do customers get started?

Thanks to the Rental Lot mod, Sims can own and rent the properties they love! The process perfectly mimics real life. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Find a trusted real estate agent to help you

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To start the purchase, hire a real estate agent over the phone. This professional will not only help you find the best price, but will also manage your property once you own it. You'll see a list of experts ready to help you through the process, but as with any service, be sure to choose the one with the highest ratings. Each real estate agent in the rental model will have a commission and star rating, so you can choose them based on their experience and budget.

But for the rental model, the higher the rating, the better the service! For example, a real estate agent with a high ranking will be more reliable and will get in touch with you faster. You may have to wait up to two days to hear from a real estate agent with a bad rating, so choose carefully. Not only are the top-ranked sites faster, they're also more likely to offer the best deals based on your preferences.

If you are not happy with your chosen dealer, you can always end the deal and fire him immediately during the deal.

Step 2: Create a wishlist of attribute preferences

Once you find a reliable one, arrange a meeting with him through the option to rent a plot on the phone. You can contact the real estate agent anywhere from 06:00 to 23:00. During your meeting, you can jump right into the job interview and selectionInteraction Set House Wish List.

Each Sim who is about to buy a property can set up their own unique wish list. This listing in Plots for Rent mode will help estate agents find the one that suits them best.

You will be asked to specify your desired value ranges or indicate the worlds you want the property to be in and add the specific plot characteristics you want on your package. You only need to list the value, but accurate information about the location and type of home you want to buy will help you get the most out of the seller. Once you've entered all your preferences, confirm your selections and the seller will contact you shortly with some available offers that match your criteria.

Step 3: Review the properties

Brokers will shortlist the most suitable candidates based on the wishlist provided to you by your Sims. They can then go out and view listed properties, assess the conditions and find the best options. While this list will give you a rough idea of ​​what's available on the market, a visit will decide whether or not you want to buy a home. Settings that can establish a basic working framework for your real estate agent.

With rental entertainment, it's the approach that makes the difference. After all, it's only when you're there that you can assess how much renovation the room needs and decide if you like the room or if it meets the needs of your Sims.

After all, every family has different requirements, right? Some people need a bigger yard, some want lots of space and more bedrooms, while some may prefer a cozy log cabin. Only you and your Sims know what's best, so these visits will be helpful.

Step four: Start negotiating with the seller

Once you've selected a home that meets your active family's criteria, you can start negotiating with the seller and hope for the best. If your real estate agent is skilled enough, they can help you negotiate and get the best price for your dream property.

Step 5: Seal the Deal!

The purchase process has been significantly improved and is much more complicated than what we are used to in games. Sims can choose from several options for Rent Lot mode, depending on how they want to use the property. They can:

  • Household– This feature allows you to split the household so that some members can move to a new plot owned by the family, while others can stay living on the existing plot.
  • real estate exchange– This land lease option will allow them to choose and purchase a brand new primary home by offering their current home in exchange. This will help cover the cost of new purchases and make the process of buying a new place more authentic. Calculate carefully so that you don't lose money because the remaining simoleons will not be returned to your pocket.
  • pay household expenses- This rental option implies that you immediately pay the amount that you agreed with the seller.
  • Pay real estate commission- Don't forget to pay for the professional service and help you get from your chosen real estate agent!
  • Make a mortgage loan payment to the SNB- Sometimes Sims needs a little push and some financial support from the local bank. By installing the SNB mod, your Sims will apply for a mortgage, so don't hesitate to apply for this handy loan! It fits perfectly with the rental model.
  • pay additional transaction fees– At the end of the transaction you have to pay some fees. After all, there's always some paperwork and details when buying a home, right?
  • stop close- Did you change your mind at the last minute? calm! You can safely stop the closings and abandon ship by canceling the contract and stopping the process.

How do you manage your assets?

Then you finally succeeded and bought your dream home. You can even go through this process multiple times and get multiple attributes. Thanks to the modified rental plot system, you can now decide what to do with these properties and manage each one individually. To manage properties, go to Manage properties on your phone. Then select the property you want to control and the game will open with some mod options.

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Furnish your home as a rental property

Any property you own can become a rental property. You can choose"List as a rental property" in Property Management.Once verified, just wait for the broker to find tenants for you. While the mod automatically calculates the rent for each property by default, you have the option to set the fee yourself. But just like in real life, with this rental property model, you need to make sure the place is affordable enough or you won't be able to rent it at all. The real estate agent will call you when the property is on the market. The more skilled they are, the more likely they are to find potential tenants quickly.

Set the property as your main residence

If you want to make the property your home, the options you can choose from are in the Property Management section"Set up like a first-class home".In other words, when you place your Sims "home", they will go to the lot listed as their primary residence. The Rental Lot mod will make this home their primary residence. You can always replace the main house if you have more land or plan to buy something in the future.

Going on vacation, visiting a house or selling a property

In addition to renting, living, and choosing a property as their primary residence, Sims can also vacation, tour, or sell their land on their land:

  • go on holiday– The land you buy can become your favorite vacation spot!
  • visit residence– Visit the field alone or with friends and family. Only 8 Sims in total can visit the property.
  • real estate for sale– Are you tired of those walls and rooms? Need Simoleons? Well, you can always sell the property and get your money back!

Find tenants and manage rental properties

Not everyone can live in your house, and your Sims will have every right to meet potential tenants before they are allowed to live in your apartment. You can then interview potential tenants to get to know the tenants and get to know them.

During the interview, you can ask them what they do for a living, ask about their family situation and then make a final assessment. Your Sims can always reject them if you get a bad vibe from them! Trust your judgment because the rental model is realistic and there's a chance your tenants won't be able to pay rent weekly or forever. If the applicant is unemployed or doesn't have much money, they may not be able to continue paying, so choose carefully.

income from annuity

If payments are late, they will be charged a small late fee after payment. To collect rent, simply go to the Manage Rental Properties menu and collect your earnings there. It will then be added to your family funds.

sing lease agreement

Once you have determined that the applicant is a suitable tenant, you sign a four-week tenancy agreement with them. This is a legal contract between you, the landlord and the tenant, and you both agree to the rental price and rental terms. The lease model requires you to renew the lease after four weeks or, if you are unhappy with the tenant and their family, you can evict them.

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How to evict a tenant?

In case the tenant doesn't pay the rent week after week, or if they happen to cause problems, you can always evict them. This option will be available immediately after they fail to pay the first time, but it's up to you to be patient and sympathetic or kick them out immediately. You will find this option under Property Management - (Real Estate) - Rental Property Management - Rental Income Collection.

However, there is a price to pay if you are evicted, so expect to pay $150 to cover eviction and the real estate agent as they will have to start looking for new applicants. It's just a way to get rid of bad tenants, but you won't get the money they owe you.

Alternatively, if you do not wish to continue renting the property and wish to use it yourself, you can cancel your application at any time so that the property is no longer on the market. You can always put it back on the market and set a new rental price if you want.

If you own a house, can you rent it out?

Absolutely! Anyone can rent, even if they own a property. Sims can rent not only their properties, but also to others, even more than one property. They can rent the property as additional accommodation, such as a holiday home, or use the rented property as their primary residence.

The process is similar to what the owner has to go through. With the lease model, tenants must hire a real estate agent, create a wish list of properties they would like to use, and add the desired value. They have to select the value of the property and their rent will be calculated based on that. So if they are on a tight budget, choose a lower value property.

Once preferences for a rental property model are established, real estate agents will offer them potential rental properties. Sims can rent everything from apartments and empty houses to empty lots. Once they've chosen the perfect location, they'll interview the owner. In this case, since the roles are reversed, they have to impress the landlord and make a good impression before they can sign the lease.

If everything goes well, you are free to move in. Just don't forget to pay the weekly rent! If you change your mind and don't like the venue or host, simply cancel the game and find another venue. It's that simple!

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How to become a real estate investor?

Sims can become real estate investors thanks to the Rental Plots mod! The mod also includes a rating system. This allows you to have an appraiser evaluate the house or lot, walk around, take some photos, and give your home a final rating. They are open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Rest assured, appraisers take many factors into account when determining the value of your property, from the number of bedrooms and bathrooms to the size of the lot, neighborhood or views.

Appraisal is not about the total value of your property, but includes more subtle factors. Everything is taken into account, so don't be surprised if the value is lower or higher than expected. A small house with a lot of land in a good neighborhood is definitely worth more than a furnished/unfurnished one without modifications. If you have MCCC and rental mod installed, you can renovate your home for free, but only in homes that are not your primary home. A good way to make money is buying and selling real estate, right?

With the system, you can increase the value of your real estate, and buying and selling can become your primary, not just secondary, source of income!

side note

Entering and exiting homes is now improved and more realistic thanks to a special feature of the rental lot mode. You can still use the old system in the game if you want, so the mod doesn't limit or tweak how the movement system works, it just gives you extra options to play more realistically and track more stats.

Renting is a great source of income, but not everything is fine. Just like in real life, Sims have to pay taxes on all their empty land.


This is the real estate rental model in a nutshell! It is very realistic, comprehensive and has a lot to offer when it comes to managing your property, whether you are a landlord or a tenant! We hope that it will arouse your interest and that you will have to try your hand at buying, selling and leasing. Try it yourself and have fun swimming!

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