The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (2023)

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The Sims 3 provides players with plenty of useful cheats. From infinite money to happiness, here are the best cheats (and how to use them).

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (1)

Sims 3is a classic and universally loved entranceThe Simsgrant a franchisestill going strong.Of course there are limits to what you can do and most of the time if you want to build your dream house you have to work hard for it. However, the developers are not heartless, and have written many cheats into the game that, when entered, remove some of the restrictions of normal gameplay, allowing you to do whatever you want.

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In this list, you will learn about some of the most useful cheats includedSims 3, so if you revisit this classic, you have all the freedom in the world.

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10 mother vein

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (2)

The "motherlode" code is probably the one most people know while playing the gamethis hereSims 3The Motherlode is popular because it is very useful, especially for new players, as bringing it into the console will reward you with 50,000 Simoleons. Instead of your Sims slowly saving money by working so that you have enough to buy a piece of furniture, you can simply enter this code and build your dream home.

Money cheats aren't for everyone, as some players like the process of creating a Sims bank account so they can afford more stuff, but for most of us, getting a ton of free money works just as well.

9 family foundation

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (3)

You can save yourself from entering the "motherlode" cheat multiple times by entering the code "familyfunds" followed by the Sims last name and the number of Simoleons you want to give them, up to 9999999. For some reason, this cheat isn't as widely used as "motherlode", but it turns out that it's very useful if you want a purely creative game that focuses on doing what you want without money stifling your creative vision.

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Entering this code once or twice is enough to keep you in the game for a long time, meaning you can forget how much you've spent in total and focus on having fun.

8 free real estate

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (4)

A favorite among meme lovers, "freerealestate" is a fairly self-explanatory cheat code - you get the ideafree real estateWhich means buying a lot of stuff and building a house for absolutely nothing. While this may not seem as useful as a cheat that gives you money, it's better for players who want to build a decent house initially, but continue the game normally by having their Sims legitimately earn money.

If you feel nostalgic and want to play the game, definitely try this cheatSims 3Again, because this cheat doesn't completely remove the challenge of keeping sims alive like the money cheat does.

7 make happy

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (5)

a common problem amongsims playerWhen they try to experiment with their sims, such as having your sims focus on a hobby, their happiness drops dramatically over time. It makes them babble, move slowly, and cry in the shower. To avoid this, players can use the "Make Happy" code to set the mood of all Sims in the household to the highest level with no negative effects.

With this cheat, you can let your sims focus on playing the piano 24/7 without complaining all the time, which can happen even when you're playing the game normally.

6 Offices at Cas

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (6)

Have you ever created a Sim and played with it for hours, only to find that you're not happy with the Sim you created, whether it's personality or appearance? Using the "edit in cas" cheat will take you back to the "create sim" screen and edit your sim. This way you can change things you don't like about them without restarting the whole game and losing your progress.

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Once you know this code, you'll never have to go through the daunting task of rebuilding your dream home again because you're not happy with your Sims.

5 Forced impersonation of service

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (7)

The Sims service is very helpful in:The Simsgames because they make your life easier by giving your Sims more time to do the things you want them to do. Service Sims are housekeepers, plumbers, and pizza delivery people, to name a few. By typing "force service sim" followed by the name of the service sim you need, you can, you guessed it, force that sim to come to your house and perform their duties.

Who needs to pick up the phone to order said service when you can just type commands into the console and have a Service Sim ring your doorbell instantly?

4 buy debug

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (8)

Older games usually havecheatingDebug modes are mostly enabled because of how fun they are with the freedom they provide. By entering the cheat code "buydebug" you can buy almost anything in the game, even normally locked items. This code is important for removing any restrictions on your creativity when building your home, as it unlocks everything on your shopping list, meaning as long as you can afford the items, there's nothing stopping you from building the house of your dreams.

This code, combined with the cheat code, is a must for anyone who wants to craft and build with complete freedomSims 3.

3 make friends for me

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (9)

Making friends with your Sims isn't that difficult in the game, but it does involve the tedious task of telling a joke over and over again until the person hearing it relents and befriends you. But if you want to avoid the whole hassle, a fairly simple "Friend Me" cheat will let you skip the whole process and randomly get a few other Sims to befriend your Sim.

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Granted, it's not as useful as a cheat that gives you free money, but it adds to the overall tone of the game because you know your sim isn't alone.

2 established career

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (10)

An interesting mechanic in the game is Careers, which guides your Sims through different career paths and progresses through them. However, it can take some time for your Sims to be effective in their careers, as they must progress radically by repeating tasks related to their careers before they improve. You can speed things up a lot by typing "set class" followed by the name of the class you want and the level you want to set, so you can skip the whole grinding process.

This is definitely one of the best cheats that we want to use in real life if the money cheat fails.

1 object in motion

The Sims 3: The most useful codes (and how to use them) (11)

Sometimes when building a house for your Sims, you'll have the problem of not being able to place a piece of furniture exactly where you want it to fit perfectly. Due to the way the game works, your options are limited in terms of where to place your objects, but the handy "moveobjects" cheat code followed by the word it removes all restrictions on moving and placing objects. This cheat has many uses, so if you want your house to look like the very definition of chaos, look no further.

Of course, this cheat sometimes gets out of hand, so when you feel like you're done with the freedom to place objects at will, type "moveobjects off" to turn it off.

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