The best laptops for The Sims 4 (2023)

After spending hours building your dream house, making death fall in love with you, or achieving your life goals, the last thing you want is for your laptop to break. Buffering, stuttering, and slow loading times can also make it difficult to enjoy every part of The Sims 4 on a weak laptop.

It's true that while The Sims 4 isn't considered a traditional hardcore game, it does require laptop hardware for the best gaming experience. You'll want to keep an eye on the processing power, frame rate, and RAM for the game and other expansion packs. Considering,Omen 17 gaming laptopThe best laptop to get out of The Sims 4.

What you need to know before buying a laptop for The Sims 4

When buying a computer for The Sims 4, pay attention to the following. Failure to meet these system requirements may cause the game to crash during gameplay or stop working.


A laptop's CPU is the component that keeps the machine running by processing data and executing commands. Since The Sims 4 features some open-world elements and a constant stream of commands to different users, a powerful CPU is required to keep the game running without stuttering or stuttering.

To play games, your laptop must have at least a 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or AMD Athlon 64 Dual-Core 4000+ or ​​equivalent processor.


RAM stands for Random Access Memory and refers to any short-term storage that your computer needs to hold. Your computer works even if you have several programs open. Since games like The Sims 4 require a lot of processing power and data (more if you play multiple expansion packs and mod packs), it's important to have enough RAM to prevent the game from lagging.

For the basic version of The Sims 4, your gaming laptop must have at least 8 GB of RAM. Players who own the expansion pack or plan to play the game while streaming should definitely upgrade.

graphic card

The Sims 4 is known for its smooth cartoon graphics. Especially when it comes to designing houses, characters, and custom skins, the quality of the graphics makes even this 7-year-old game look modern and detail-oriented.

When buying a gaming laptop, pay special attention to the laptop's graphics processor and video memory. The Sims 4 requires 256 GB or more of VRAM and one of the following three GPU options:

NVIDIA GeForce 9600M GT

ATI Radeon HD 2600 Professional Edition

Intel GMA X4500

What your laptop can do when you play The Sims 4


While gaming laptops are designed to support heavy applications, games like The Sims 4 can still drain the battery quite a bit. On average, the battery lasts only 2-4 hours of gaming, even for a gaming laptop. Also, laptops with longer battery life can cost more.

If you're going to play on the go, you'll probably want to have a portable charger with you, regardless of battery size.


Gaming laptops typically come in three different screen sizes: 14-inch, 15-inch, and 17-inch. When buying a gaming laptop, it's important to keep in mind how your games will be displayed on the screen.

The smaller screen also has a lower resolution, which may force you to pan and zoom more while playing. While this isn't a huge problem, it can get annoying over time. Typically, 14-inch laptops are best for beginners who don't play graphics-intensive games.

15-inch and 17-inch screens are more common among those who buy laptops for long-term and intensive gaming. They have a more impressive screen that can handle games with more detail. The bigger the computer, the more cumbersome it is to carry around and the longer the battery life.

The Sims 4 costs a laptop

Gaming laptops start as low as $500, but they probably won't be able to run games like The Sims 4. To meet the system requirements needed to play games, a decent gaming laptop can cost between $800 and $1,500.

If you decide to play more demanding games than The Sims 4 in the future, a laptop with powerful high quality specs will even be able to support them.

The Sims 4 Portable FAQ

What are the recommended system requirements for The Sims 4?

U.There are several recommended system requirements to improve gameplay in The Sims 4. Although it may appear to be in a different language, laptop specifications are usually clearly listed below the product information.

operation system:64-bit Windows 7+ or Mac OS 10.11 or later

CPU:Intel Core i5 or better

graphic card:NVIDIA GTX 650 or higher

memory:8 GB RAM-a

hard disk:18 GB of hard disk space

Is a Mac or PC laptop better for gaming?

U.Both Mac and PC can be excellent gaming laptops. No specific Mac laptop supports the game. However, the latest Mac laptops can support an average gaming experience. If you want to buy a laptop made for gaming, laptops can be more powerful and customizable. In addition, there are many more games available exclusively for PC than for Mac.

What laptop should I buy to play The Sims 4?

Best Sims 4 Laptops

Omen 17 Gaming Laptop: Available atAmazon

Our opinion:The ultimate gaming laptop that takes all game elements into account to create a best-in-class Sims 4 experience.

What we like:Meets and exceeds all recommended system requirements for The Sims 4. Impressive NVIDIA Turing graphics for smooth and realistic images. The user can customize the access to HDD, SSD and RAM in the future. A very impressive 17-inch screen and weighs just over 5 pounds.

What we don't like:The included speakers are not the best on the market.

Best Buck Laptops for The Sims 4

ASUS TUF Gaming Laptop: Available atAmazon

Our opinion:A lightweight laptop that still takes up a lot of space, with decent specs for smooth gaming.

What we like:Meets all system requirements for The Sims 4. Option to include an RGB keyboard for a fun, futuristic look. 15.6-inch medium-sized screen with narrow bezels for an immersive gaming experience. Adaptive power management extends battery life. Very good speakers simulate surround sound.

What we don't like:The fans do a decent job of keeping the laptop cool, but they can be quite loud.

The Sims 4 Portable Honorable Mention

MSI GL65 Leopard Gaming Laptop: Available atAmazon

Our opinion:A well-rounded gaming laptop that's perfect for your daily driver, with the ability to adapt for the future.

What we like:Meets and exceeds all system requirements for The Sims 4. Modest screen size of 15.6 inches with very thin bezels. Use the latest tenth generation Intel Core i7 processor. 8GB graphics card. Seven heat pipes keep the laptop cool while gaming. Equipped with three USB 3.0 ports.

What we don't like:The laptop is a bit bulky at 9 pounds, which makes it a hassle to carry around.

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