The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (2023)

one of the reasonsXbox Game PassThe reason it gets so much praise is because it offers a lot of different types of games to subscribers. satisfaction with the servicesurvival game lovers, RPG players, puzzle fans and everything in between.

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One type of game that spans multiple genres and is also well-represented in Microsoft's subscription service is choice-based gaming. These titles constantly allow you to make decisions, and ideally the things you choose and the actions you take have a major impact on the story or the world around you. There are many such adventures on Game Pass, but these are the best.

Updated by Ben Jessey on May 19, 2023:Some of the best games on Xbox Game Pass force you to make decisions. Not all these decisions are superficial. Some of them had a big impact on their games.

Titles that include these worthy choices are the inspiration for this list. In this update, we're returning to the collection to add even more games where your choices matter.

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17 Assassin's Creed Odyssey

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (1)

The Assassin's Creed series isn't known for including a lot of options. Odyssey starts off big though, as you have to choose between playing as Alexios or Kassandra. Anyway, your character is a mercenary operating in ancient Greece during the Peloponnesian War.

As you take part in this great conflict, your main goal is to defeat a mysterious cult and reunite your family. To do this, you have to engage in a lot of close combat and climb a lot of buildings. In addition, you have to make a series of decisions that can have a big impact on how the overall story unfolds.

16 Tell me why

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (2)

Tell me why is a narrative adventure that puts you in the shoes of two siblings. During the main events of the game, they are both young adults, but both are still dealing with traumatic events from their childhood. In order to really get out of it, they have to find out what really happened that night.

Throughout the story, you make several important decisions that affect the relationship between the siblings. How close they are to the end of the story affects the ending you get.

15 strange west

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (3)

Weird West is an isometric RPG with fun gameplay and an unusual story. Throughout the narrative, youplay several different roles, they all have their own stories and journeys. The game requires you to make decisions regardless of who you are controlling at the time.

Not only do you have to make binary decisions that affect the story, but you also have a lot of options when it comes to gameplay. Want to sneak past everyone? Go back to a place and put people to sleep after dark? Is there some other way to fix this that the game isn't telling you? These are additional ways to customize your experience.

14 anger

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (4)

In Pentimento, you play as a 16th century man named Andreas Maler. He is first and foremost an artist, but throughout the game he acts as a detective as he investigates multiple murders. Gathering evidence and talking to people means a lot. In the latter, choice is an important factor because you have to make many decisions in the dialogue.

The options you have to say depend in part on another set of decisions you make at the beginning of the narrative game. This is because choices are made early on based on Andrea's personality and background. Your choices affect your future choices.

13 Route 96

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (5)

Route 96 puts you in the shoes of various teenagers in the fictional nation of Petria. It is not a good place for a home because it is ruled by a dictator. So all the teenagers you control try to stay as far away as possible. You control them one by one as you try to escape the country.

Along the way, you make a number of different decisions, mostly about which method to use to escape and what to say to the people you meet. The consequences of these decisions are usually not immediate. Instead, they play an important role in how the story ends.

12 Desolation 3

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (6)

Wasteland 3 is a turn-based RPG that places a heavy emphasis on player choice. You play as a team of Arizona Rangers located in post-apocalyptic Colorado, which is actually a frozen wasteland.

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As you roam the scary place, you will interact with groups of people. In these moments, you are forced to make big decisions. Your choices can seriously affect your relationship with these people and the overall story. The good thing is that unlike some choice-based games, in this one even noble decisions can lead to disaster and regret.

11 Disgraced 2

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (7)

At the start of Dishonored 2, you have to decide whether you want to play as Corvo or Emily. The characters you didn't choose are then turned to stone by the sorceress Delilah Copspoon, who also takes over the entire city of Dunwall. Your goal is to stop her and save another potential protagonist.

Choosing a playable character isn't the only option in the game. In fact, almost everything you do is a decision because this action-adventure game lets you play however you want. The style of play you choose makes the difference. After all, the level of chaos you create while playing directly affects the world and the story. During your adventure you can also decide the fate of several characters.

10 The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (8)

Several seasons of Telltale's The Walking Dead are on Game Pass, including the first season, which is arguably the best. It's an adventure game full of fast-paced events, dialogue and a lot of decisions.

You do all this as a man named Lee who meets a girl named Clementine at the beginning of the game. Along with a few friends they meet along the way, the main duo try to survive the hordes of undead that have taken over Georgia. This is a very exciting adventure.

9 dusk falls

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (9)

Ace Dusk Falls is a game about choices. After all, this is an interactive story, and the gameplay is based on making decisions and participating in the occasional quick event. Your actions completely change the way the story unfolds.

The aforementioned story is about two families whose lives change one fateful night in a motel in Arizona. The story is a coming-of-age story, full of tragedy and pain. Serious themes are handled well, thanks in part to excellent writing and excellent voice acting.

8 the world outside

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (10)

Humans have colonized a new galaxy in this action RPG. However, some people are still in cryogenic sleep, so you'll need to find the resources you need to wake them up.

During your mission you will visit many places and meet various people. Their opinion of you is constantly changing based on the decisions you make throughout the game. You can side with certain groups or individuals and destroy people you don't like. Ultimately, the newly colonized world will be shaped by your actions.

7 fabulous anniversary

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (11)

There are many great fantasy RPG games out there, but few are like thisbasnaseries. The original game (or the anniversary remake) is probably Fable at its best. In it, you start as a child who has been raised to be a hero.

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However, the word "hero" in this world does not necessarily mean a good person because your choices define your nobility. If you want, you can go around and brutally kill those who get in your way. Or you can show mercy to many people, even those who have hurt you in the past. Those moral choices play a big role in how your story unfolds.

6 Dragon Age: Origins

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (12)

Xbox Game Pass is large enough to include all major Dragon Age titles. However, the first one is undoubtedly the best of the series. In the original game, you joined the Gray Warden as a key figure in the fight against the Dark Son and the Archdemon.

When faced with such a huge conflict, you naturally have to make many difficult decisions. But these decisions are not only part of the main story. There are also many options in side quests. Almost every one of them affects how your companions perceive you.

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (13)

In the early days of Skyrim you will be making big decisions and this is one of themAn open world game with deep character creation.Once you've figured out your form, it's time to start your adventure to stop the dragon that's about to destroy the world.

Along the way, you will have to make a number of other decisions, both in the main story and in a series of side quests in the game. You can even choose where you want to live and who you want to marry. Therefore, the choice plays a big role in the overall experience.

4 Prey (2017)

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (14)

In the first-person shooter called Prey, you find yourself in a dire situation. You are one of the last remaining humans on a space station infected by a dangerous alien species called the Typhon.

Once you realize what you're in for, you quickly realize that you can't let the slimy beast reach Earth or any other planet. Therefore, you have to deal with them in a way that is necessary. It is not an easy process as there are many things that you have to do before you can get rid of Typhon. You will meet several different survivors along the way, and your actions and choices towards them directly affect how the story ends.

3 frostpunk

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (15)

Most choice-based games are adventure-centric adventures, but Frostpunk isn't. This is a city building simulation game without much story content. However, there is a backstory to the game's setting.

In this 19th century version, a volcanic winter has frozen over most of the world. This of course caused great damage to human civilization. You are not responsible for saving everyone, but it is up to you to build and take care of a city that can be a safe haven for the survivors. You will have to make a lot of difficult decisions along the way. Sometimes not every choice you make will be popular with everyone, but it can keep your people alive.

2 Fallout: New Vegas

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (16)

The story of Fallout New Vegas begins with a simple revenge plot. You want to catch the man who kept you waiting to die and get back what he took from you. However, you end up in conflict over who rules New Vegas and the surrounding wasteland.

As you'd expect from a choice-based RPG, you have a lot of influence over how everything ends. Much will depend on your interactions with the various factions that inhabit the wasteland. You start out neutral towards all of them, but in the end you have to decide who are your friends and who are your enemies.

1 Mass Effect Legendary Edition

The 17 best picks and game scores on Xbox Game Pass (17)

this hereMass Effect Legendary EditionContains the trilogy of original games from the series. Together they tell the long story of Commander Shepard and the rest of the galaxy at war with a race of machines known as the Reapers.

The world is shaped by you as you make decisions that affect the universe. For example, you can have an entire genocide or decide the fate of a few key people. That's the kind of power you have. However, not every decision is as important as these decisions. You can also select options such asyour romantic partnerand the people with whom you perform your tasks.

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