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This page contains a list of codes, cheats, easter eggs, hints and other secretsSims 3:apparentlyPC version.If you find a cheat you'd like to add to the site or have a fix, thanksclick edit and add it.



During the game, press CTRL+SHIFT+C (CTRL+SHIFT+WindowsKey+C for Vista) to open the cheat console. Enter the code below to get the desired effect.

  • constrainFloorElevation [true/false]- Enforce terrain adjustments regardless of objects, symbols and other structures
  • enable camel- Activate the Llama, of course
  • such a joke- Call the joke
  • hideHeadlineEffects [on/off]- Hide all meters and effects
  • Submit your resignation- exit the game
  • Please help- list of all available commands
  • slowMotionViz [x]- slow motion, where [x] is 0-8 (0 is normal)
  • cancel simulation [x]- Resets named Sims with neutral motives, no emotions and teleports Sims back home where [x] is first and last name
  • fps [on/off]- Changing frames per second in the upper right corner of the HUD
  • fadeObjects [do/fra]- Change objects to appear and disappear when the camera is zoomed
  • Active cheat test- Include test cheats (see below)
  • disable SnappingToSlotsOnAlt [on/off]- Hold the Alt key to avoid shooting the object when switching
  • Kaqing- On the lottery, this will cost you $1,000
  • My mother- On the lotto, this will cost you $50,000
  • Turn on/off moving objects- Move anything (including sims) in buy/build mode
  • Family fund [x][y]- Donate to a family, where [x] is the last name of the family and [y] is the amount
  • Full screen [on/off]- Change window mode
  • unlock clothes [on/off]- Unlock clothing in CAS (Create Sims) model. Note: must be enabled before entering CAS
  • Shazam- Active Sims get +2,500 Lifetime Happiness Points
  • free real estate- It costs nothing to buy the desired plot
  • change function- Adjust properties
  • add to the family- An active Sim is added to the current household
  • set age [x]- Indicates the current Sim's age
  • arrange in class- Access the "Create a Sim" option for the current Sim
  • Set Occupancy [x/y]- Assigns a career (x) to the selected Sim at the specified level (y)
  • forced option- You can click on building a job in your career to force the option
  • mandatory event- You can click on your career to force an event
  • Force all events- You can click on your career to see all the events
  • Forced Service Sim [Name]- Your assigned Sim will appear
  • forced visitors- Sims nearby are shown
  • let me meet everyone- The Sim you choose now knows all other Sims
  • make friends for me- Sims of their own choosing randomly become friends with other Sims
  • make happy- All family members are in a good mood with no negative effects
  • Creating motivation [static/dynamic]- Adjust family motivations to static or dynamic
  • snapObjectsToAngle [true/false]- Set 45 degree grip to true or false
  • snapObjectsToGrid [true/false]- Set grid snap for placed objects to true or false

Updateextraordinary evililisanena

Shift-click cheats

When you activatetestingCheatsEnabled truecheat (see above), you can keeptransferAnd click on different objects to activate some useful effects or to show different options that you might find useful.

  • Clicking on a mailbox brings up options that affect your ability to make friends or spread happiness among different Sims.
  • Click your job title to display options that allow you to enhance your career by providing additional tasks or triggering events.
  • Click on your Sim and you can change different traits.
  • Click on a Sim that is not part of your household and you can add it to your household.
  • Click on the ground to teleport to that location, no need to arrange additional transportation.

Hint: Dead Blossom

Usually, a visit from the Grim Reaper spells the end for your Sims, but it can be delayed by sending the Grim Reaper a death flower. To find this rare herb, go to Pleasant Rest Cemetery and look near the door. You will find flowers growing. Pick it up and keep it permanently in your inventory in case the worst happens. You can only use the flower once to avoid death, and if you double-check its previous location, the plant will not respawn. However, you can find special seeds around the same graveyard where the plants are, which Sims with a level 7 Gardening Skill can plant to produce more plants.

Hint: lots of money

Focus on improving your Sims' typing skills. When you start out, your Sims won't make much money from it. But as skill levels increase, new genres emerge and your Sims can eventually make a living writing romance novels. When the book is finished, Sims get weeks of royalties. Max out the "Writing" skill to earn around 40,000 Simoleons per week. Within a few weeks of being in the game, you should be able to generate a steady and decent income this way.

Tip: Clean the dishes

Instead of spending time cleaning dishes, drag an empty plate into your inventory, then drag it to the "sell" option. Even if you don't make money, at least you'll get rid of the ugly dirty dishes.

Tip: Sex for babies

First, you need a pregnant Sim. Then, when you feed that Sim, you can increase the probability of having boys and aim for a constant diet of apples, or the probability of girls constantly eating watermelons. The amount of fruit you eat also seems to determine how many babies of which gender you will have, especially when combined with the lifelong rewards of fertility treatment.

Tip: Music and friends

Your Sims can easily make friends by learning to play the guitar. First, you need to buy the necessary instruments. Practice playing until Sims are at least 5/10 proficient. Sims can now go to the park and "play hints". Do so and keep playing as the crowd gathers. As you continue to perform, people become your friends, and the better you are, the faster it happens.


Tip: more clothes

Once you have a dresser, you can add new clothes to your Sims. Buy one, then click and select the "Plan outfit" option. You can now specify 3 outfits for each type of clothing style (eg formal or sporty).

Tip: name change

You can change your Sim's name by selecting the City Hall building on the map and choosing the option to change the name. However, this option is only available between 12:00 and 18:00.

Hint: baby ghost

You can produce a ghost baby that you can control by carefully completing the following process:

  1. Place traits on a female Sim to make her a kleptomaniac
  2. visit the cemetery
  3. Watch out for Sims stealing some male junk nearby
  4. Go home and wait two days, the ghost appears at home at 11 p.m.
  5. It is visited every time a ghost appears, and in the beginning it should be visited every other night.
  6. Once you befriend a ghost, it will appear at night and you can keep hanging out until you get the fertility bonus.
  7. Admit to the spirit that you are attracted.
  8. Ask the spirits to cuddle and kiss on the bed.
  9. Each night, try to have a baby until your Sim starts throwing up, marking the beginning of a pregnancy that will eventually result in the birth of a ghost baby.

Tip: Stop aging

Access the settings menu and change the game settings. You can uncheck the box that appears before "Aging" to prevent aging. If you want, you can change the duration band instead, which ranges from 25 days to 960 days.

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