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I've never been a big fan of life simulations and as a result I've often found myself in heated debates that usually make me wonder what kind of person would give up their free time to play The Sims. Be honest and tell yourself something. That said, I've always been more receptive to games that incorporate aspects of the Sims franchise into more ambitious titles that often allow players to delay and delay the whole save-the-world plot.

It could be decorating your Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy, furnishing your house in Skyrim, or building a base in any traditional survival game. It's funny how easy it is to forget the fate of a world because of trivial building mechanics, and that's exactly what happened to me in Fallout 4.

My son Sean is gone, the world I once knew is an unrecognizable wasteland, and all my friends are dead. Yet, despite all this, I found myself neglecting my very urgent parental duty to turn the sanctuary into a true Commonwealth oasis. I have to say, I'm very proud of the bunch of peg settlements I've been able to create using resources gathered from all over the Boston Desert.

But when I finally finished my doomsday port in The Storm, I thought, 'Now what. 'Well, just one thing. I had to start over in a new place. However, if you're in this position, you might find yourself frozen in place, with the frustrating burning question of "what should I build".

If so, then you've come across the right article, my vault friends. In this guide, I intend to show some of the amazing buildings in Fallout 4 that will serve as inspiration for many who need some hot ideas before they start building a settlement. Surviving in the desert has never been easy, but having a place to call home makes it a lot easier. So without further ado, here is Wasteland Gamer's Fallout 4 Settlement Ideas Guide.

What are settlements in Fallout 4?

Settlements in Fallout 4 are basically bases that players can unlock and then customize to their liking. Players will be able to bring their companions and residents from existing settlements to a settlement of their choice and will be able to use resources found in the field, other settlements and the wasteland to create structures, resources, defenses and more.

There are tons of settlements to choose from, especially when you have access to all the DLC content. If you own all of the Fallout 4 expansion packs, you can choose from up to 36 different settlements, each with their own strengths and weaknesses.

If you want to dig a little deeper into how settlements work in Fallout 4 and want to know which settlements you should prioritize for your first build,then this guide will help you a lot.

selection criteria

So before we get into the amazing crafting ideas we've put together for you, let's lay down some ground rules so you can see how we pick these builds over tons of others. We want this selection to be the best for you to build your dream settlement, for that we used these selection criteria:

  • All selected settlements and used assets must be available in the vanilla game (no mods required)
  • Each selection must be separate from any other selected entry
  • As a basis, we will take into account the overall weight of the structure, creativity and functionality
  • I will try to include settlements of all kinds, not just tons of shelters

Well, the radiation storm seems to have subsided, so it's time to get out of the fallout and move on.

Power Armor Paradise

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (3)

  • creates: Thanatos
  • settlement: Red Rocket Garage

We'll start with one of the more powerful versions on this list. This build might not be as warm and inviting as some of the others on this list, but you have to admit, it's pretty cool. Thanatos built a Power Armor Garage on the roof of the Red Rocket Garage where you can store and customize a seemingly infinite amount of Power Armor.

I don't know about you, but when I stumble across a set of power armor in the Badlands, my first thought is usually, let's take this bad boy home and fix him up. If you think the same, you might want to include this building in your settlement. Who needs Atom Cats when you have this setup in your home?

bird's nest

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (4)

  • creates:pink gravy
  • settlement:slot

The castle can be a difficult settlement to fortify, not least because the castle's crumbling walls allow almost any old Mirelurk to roam. Now, your first thought might be to build perimeter walls, but who has the resources to do that? Instead, consider placing ones that give you a bird's eye view of your attackers and sneak up on them easily. This bird's nest design is a great centerpiece for any castle building and won't cost you a lot of resources to put together.


Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (5)

  • creates: unknown
  • settlement: Island of Wonders

From a building standpoint, the great thing about Spectacle Island is that the building limits are much higher than other options in Fallout 4. This means more room for large buildings on this island. A good example of how this freedom can be used is this incredible building of the Colosseum. We probably all know the Colosseum, and having been there, I can safely say that it is very old and fragile.

This massive structure makes an incredible defensive base in the wasteland, but that's not the case here. I'd love to see even the greediest Deathclaw try to break into this fortress. This metal shell is tall, but has a cozy village center at the center of the structure. It is a refuge from death and destruction from outside, and it is also a true facade from an architectural point of view.

the covenant tower

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (6)

  • creates: xMoridarx
  • settlement: Package

I really wanted to include the alliance building here because it's quite a difficult solution to design something new. The build restrictions are pretty lame, and the defenses left after taking over don't work. But with the supply lines in place and the parts removed, you can do some pretty amazing things.

Fallout 3 fans will fondly remember their Tenpenny Tower from the Capitol Badlands days, and the Covenant Tower is a way of paying homage to Alistar Tenpenny's elite institution. Although building restrictions make landscaping a problem, even the possibility of building this large vertical structure in this neighborhood would be amazing, and I think with a little creative thinking you could turn this abandoned tower into a home.

Tuffington's pyramid

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (7)

  • creates: unknown
  • settlement: Tuffington House Boat

If you've chosen Tuffington Boathouse as your home base, chances are you'll be hooking up with a large boat near the property. Well, looking at the building, things are almost unrecognizable at first, which is usually a sign of a very unique building. The building occupies the Tuffington Boathouse and makes it the site of two wooden pyramids.

The one on the left is decorated with a series of towers and acts as a giant warning sign to anyone who dares to attack your base, then the pyramid on the right looks like a very stylish living room. Not to mention the abundance of plants, which can always be left behind.

Overall, it's a great use of space, the structure is both functional and attractive, and I think you could build this over other structures, provided you have plenty of wood in your inventory.

gray view of the garden

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (8)

  • creates: King of cranes
  • settlement: gray garden

Of all the settlements in Fallout 4, I find Gray Gardens to be one of the most underrated building options. It has a yard ready when you arrive, and you also have the option of building up to an overpass over the highway. What's not to like? Well, it seems the Crane Kings agree with me as they chose this settlement as the location for this amazing building. I really like the way this gray garden rises seamlessly from ground level to the overpass, allowing the player to move through the levels with ease.

Plus, just look at the professional craftsmanship and you'll see that there's plenty of room to fit whatever you want, such as bard counters, armored stations, defensive vantage points, and more. Its verticality makes this building an almost impenetrable fortress, and if you've been ignoring Gray Gardens until now, this building might inspire you.

covenant prison

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (9)

  • creates: McCabe
  • settlement: Package

If you're not interested in the strip-and-build approach that Covenant built, you might appreciate McCabe's design, which simply adds value to Covenant's existing infrastructure. As I mentioned, it's hard to mold an alliance to your liking, because you mostly have to stay as you are. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. This design shows how a player can add an upper floor to Covenant and turn the place into a prison.

This could be a great build for an RPG as it would work as a realistic looking slave compound, like Paradise Falls, and with all the perks Covenant has you don't have to work too hard to make it a viable solution. Just make sure you get the towers back so your prisoners don't escape!

claustrophobic executioner's alley

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (10)

  • creates: Sephiroth 042
  • settlement: Alley of the gallows

Of all the settlements in Fallout 4, I think my favorite is Executioner's Lane. Not because he's the prettiest or the funniest. That's mostly because, in survival mode, it's a great focal point to keep coming back to. But I will admit that it is difficult to make it aesthetically pleasing. Well, with a very limited view, Sephiroth042 managed to create a very narrow but pleasant Hangman's Alley building.

I can't even begin to explain how restrictive this little build can be when you're trying to fit all the essentials inside, by the looks of things, this build has everything you could want and then some. It's a very cohesive design that makes good use of every inch of that space, we hope this helps you optimize your Hangman's Alley builds.

home run home run

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (11)

  • creates: BWTF_I
  • settlement: home plate

Because of the settlement mechanics in Fallout 4, players don't actually have to buy houses like they do in Elder Scrolls Skyrim. However, there is an exception to the rule that allows players to purchase a home board in Diamond City. Technically, it is a solution that really makes you an outstanding interior designer. It might be a little tricky to make this solution unique without mods, but this is the best attempt I've come acrossby BWTF_Ben.

This iteration of Home Plate has an incredible array of room designs, such as a neon bar, a cozy reading fireplace, an armory and a kitchen area. I have to admit that almost every other settlement gives more room for creativity, but for those struggling to make Home Plate as attractive as other settlements, this might help.


Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (12)

  • creates: Dezeraz
  • settlement: Island of Wonders

While the DLC for Fallout 3 doesn't even compare to FNV in my book, I will admit that Point Lookout is a very special DLC addition. I love the opening sequence where the player is dropped off at an abandoned, eerie dock and must try to find meaning in this new, mysterious seaside town. Well, if there was ever a version of Fallout 4 Settlement that captured the magic of that DLC, it would be this one.

The building on Spectacle Island is one of the most striking and cohesive designs I've seen, transforming this desolate, remote island into a stunning and picturesque seaside paradise. There is a promenade along the beach in front, and when you climb the stairs, you will encounter a lively harbor town. I'll admit that the rest of the island is a little unused and plain, but I guess that's due to architectural constraints. All in all, it's an amazing build that only works on the Island of Wonders.

Nuka Arena

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (13)

  • creates: unknown
  • settlement: Nuka World Red Rocket

Now we have a DLC build, and what a bad build it is. It's hard to believe that this arena started as a garage for Red Rocket, but it's all possible thanks to the huge space that this neighborhood offers. The idea behind this is to replicate an arena other than Thorns in Fallout New Vegas or the Imperial Arena in The Elder Scrolls Forgotten. You can see the battlefield below, as well as the galleries that run on both sides of the area.

It's an insane build and shows how much DLC builds can offer if you're willing to learn. So maybe you should build your own arena, sit down with a cold Nuka-Cola and let your two best fighters play!

Port of Mira

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (14)

  • creates: Jordanian English
  • settlement: Island of Wonders

We finished a very colorful post made on Spectacle Island. Jordan Drenglish managed to turn this humble country into a neon oasis. Hell, at first glance, you'd think it was a shot of Night City. Okay, that's a bit generous, but look at what he's accomplished here. The place has so many little nooks and crannies to explore.

It looks like what you'd expect a Fallout Shelter building to look like, and even though it's such a tight space, everything looks like it has its own special area, like the farming area at the bottom or the Bobblehead Museum to the left. It looks a little defensive, but hey, if you have the resources to build it. Then you most likely have a good rocker to protect you.

Build with mods

For all the PC gamers out there thinking they can do better than this with some mods, I hear you, I won't let you down. Here are some builds that can only be managed by mods. To enjoy:

Howl's Moving Castle

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (15)

  • creates: Lopan 1111
  • settlement: Finch farm (I think)

Here's a little fun thing about me. I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli and Howl's Moving Castle is my all time favorite. I have a small Calcipher tattoo on my arm myself, which made me squeal a bit when I ran into this build here. Now that the cards are on the table, I'm not sure where the mod funds end and the upgrade begins. I assume it's a preset state that you can download and then upgrade.

However, I suppose that even though many of the buildings have been given the treatment, there's plenty of room to add some Howl-related references to make the place feel more welcoming. Also, if Hal lived there, the place is absolutely filthy. If Sophie isn't worm food or some kind of wild spirit, maybe you could enlist her help.

a city of refuge

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (16)

  • creates: Grod4L
  • settlement: a place of refuge

Of all the upgrades on this list, this one is by far the most ambitious and impressive. I mean, look at this place. Bethesda couldn't have made a better city if they tried. It makes Diamond City look miserable. This building utilizes every square inch of the shelter, turning that side street into a high street decked out with the sights, shops, and facilities you'd expect to see in your own city, not to mention the makeshift settlements after a Clicked nuclear war.

The more you observe and explore Sanctuary City, the more awe you will feel for this project. It has banks, hotels, bars, arenas, clinics and a tourist center. I could go on, but you get the idea. This restored settlement building really makes the sanctuary the militia capital it deserves to be, and if you haven't explored the place yet, now is the time.

Fallout Infinity

Fallout 4 Settlement Building Ideas - Et helt nyt shelter - Wasteland Gamers (17)

  • creates: GPG Shepard
  • settlement: in the sky

Finally, we have a little crossover as we fly into the sky and settle in the sky. The settlement is designed to replicate Bioshock Infinite's Columbia, and with a decent degree of accuracy. First, the settlement actually floats above the Commonwealth, which is the most important part of what makes it a believable Columbia clone. But it's also filled with patriotic red, white and blue banners, just as Comstock would have wanted.

The place also has some statues of assets from Fallout and some borrowed from BioShock, and of course the whole place looks like a rowdy 1950s carnival, similar to the opening scene of BioShock Infinite. The place also has many posters and artwork promoting Plasmids and Vigors. Honestly, if you weren't looking at the desolation beneath your feet, you'd probably be fooling yourself into thinking you were Booker Dewitt. If you haven't seen this for yourself, you must!

a roof over your head

At this point, you've got some great Fallout 4 solution ideas to take away with you as inspiration for your next luxury build. While you may not want to copy these buildings exactly, I bet at least one of these ideas sparked more ambitious ideas in your mind. Do me a favour; when you finish building, contact me and show me around. That's what I'm asking. I hope this is all you need and as always, thanks for reading Wasteland Gamers!

FAQ section

Q: How many settlements are there in Fallout 4?

answer:This depends on whether you have access to the DLC content. If you have access to the full DLC, you will have access to all 36 settlements without mods. But if you only have access to the original game, then you have 29 settlements to choose from.

questions:What was the first settlement you found?

answer:It really depends on how you play the game. When you leave Vault 112, you can go in any direction. But if you play the game as the developers intended, you'll probably find the shelter first, then the red rocket garage.

questions:How do you unlock settlements?

answer:Unless there are specific criteria such as completing missions, players simply clear all hostile areas and then interact with workstations to unlock the settlements they find.

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